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During this week you will receive emails and links to pages with information that will help you. Please WATCH the videos as they will explain what is expected. You can go back and re watch at any time.

Thank You From Angel

 Angel Fletcher, 7 Star Director TruVision Health

Start a food diary - tips on food

Video Transcript:

“Thank you so much for your purchase, I wanna start there. But then I wanna say, you know it’s only been four years ago since I started my journey to weight loss; and I’m so excited to have you but I remember those feelings, I remember the day that I ordered my package and all the thoughts and the doubts that I had; and I want you to know, those are normal.

 Everything is going to be fine. 

In a couple of days you’re gonna receive your 7 days in the mail and when you do I want you to let me know. That way I can walk you through the process of how you take it and those actual instructions. 

Tomorrow I’m gonna send you a little email and it’s just gonna set you up for success, it’s gonna give you an idea the things you can expect over the next several days. 

Beginning with the fact that I really want you to take pictures, and I want you to weigh-in and I want you to embrace where you are because the only way to celebrate where you’re going is to know where you come from; so expect that email tomorrow and if you have any questions let me know.” 

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